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SOTA Tractors offers a broad range of APOLLO & Kubota tractors, from 18HP - 110HP. We have a fantastic range of tractors & implements to make your life easier.

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SOTA Tractors is Australia's most trusted small acreage specialist.

"...the whole process from enquiry to delivery has been outstanding...." (May 2014)

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Why buy an APOLLO Tractor?

If you're in the market for a competitively priced tractor and a range of implements to restore or improve your farm, you'll need a package that will be cost effective. The tractor and implements must have the power and reliability to perform that tasks at hand.

APOLLO tractors are heavy and powerful tractors that have serious "grunt". Manufactured in China, they are significantly bigger in mass than their Japanese or Korean counterparts of similar horsepower and far cheaper.

But is that enough? Over time, your tractor and implements will require maintenance or repair:

  • Will you be able to get spare parts for your tractor and implements?
  • Will you be able to make a satisfactory warranty claim, should there be a need?
  • Will the vendor still be in business and moreover, will they care or will they fob you off?

 The APOLLO range is fully-supported by SOTA's famous pre-sales and after-sales support. This includes:

  1. A comprehensive written warranty that covers all spare parts, labour & travel expenses
    Please see important advice on Warranties, below
  2. Full, professional documentation for your tractor & implements, including operators manuals and specifications
  3. Full testing & certification to Australian Standards of tractor, loader, implements & safety equipment
  4. Comprehensive inventory of spare parts for tractors & implements, including servicing consumables
  5. Professional, honest & empathetic advice from our staff, who have genuine farming backgrounds
  6. Timley responses to your support requests, especially after-sale requests
  7. Fully qualified tractor technicians, delivery and service trucks at ALL of our Branches.


Delivered & Installed on Your Farm

SOTA can deliver your tractor package anywhere in Australia and in the vast majority of cases, directly to your farm where an experienced operator will explain to you the safety, maintenance and operation of your tractor and implements.  


Final Preparation at Brisbane for Delivery & Installation to Croydon, Nth QLD -  4000kms end to end!

More on Tractor Warranties

Question: Would you be satisfied with a "Parts Only" warranty if you were to buy a budget-priced car such as a Hyundai, for $14,000?

Answer: Of course not!  ....so why would you even consider purchasing a tractor from a dealer that offered a Parts-only warranty?

Question: Would you be satisfied with a warranty system for your tractor where you could only make a claim using an online form?

Answer: No! Why would you trust a company that deliberately made its after-sales obligations difficult to access.

SOTA recommends that prospective purchasers read any written warranty before purchase; understand how the warranty may be claimed and request that the vendor show them a spare parts inventory, in stock and on the shelf.  Being shown a canabalised, parts tractor should ring alarm bells!

Beware of warranties that seem too good to be true such as a 5-year warranty, which has ostensibly been offloaded to a 3rd party insurer. This offering may be appropriate when buying a TV set but for a tractor purchase of possibly $20,000 or more, your gut feeling should tell you that these warranties will be difficult to claim as the warranty underwriters are not in the business of fixing tractors but selling insurance. If these warranties were considered of real value to customers, all tractor vendors would offer them because they're cheap to purchase and on-sell.

Beware of warranties that "conveniently" become void -  for example: if you do not use the vendor's preferred "brand" of oil or if you have misplaced your receipt for an air-filter element. Yes! It does happen and unfortunately you have no come-back because it is in the fine-print of the warranty.

When you intend to purchase a tractor, you should consider these issues as an essential part of the product that you are purchasing. You need to understand what you are being offered and you need to be confident that the vendor will actually deliver on its promises.

SOTA has dedicated Service Vehicles at all of our Branches

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